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First Time New Owner from Colorado! 2013 Abarth.
500 Madness
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Thread: First Time New Owner from Colorado! 2013 Abarth.

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    First Time New Owner from Colorado! 2013 Abarth.

    Howdy from the Mile High State!

    Just picked up a 2013 Abarth Street-Legal Go-Kart with 70k in Colorado (darn my high county tax) for 9.5k plus TTL.

    Black with 16" wheels, leather interior, and that's about it. Nothing too special other than a $250 discount for a damaged rear seat, but I'm removing those anyways (for cargo, not racing) so I figured I'd just get a rear seat delete kit if need be and keep the spare seats in the garage.

    I originally needed a fuel efficient vehicle for smaller contracting jobs and errands that didn't necessitate the need for a cargo van, bus, or Jeep, and I started looking at the various hybrids and compact cars sub $10k in the local area. I had an appointment scheduled for a Chevy Spark, when I saw this new on the lot and decided to test it instead. I fell in love at first gear. I lied to myself enough to convince myself it was a reasonable purchase for my needs, but prior to purchasing I did find that it met all my requirements. I can fit a toolbag and a few alarm panels in the back, it gets much better MPG than all of my other vehicles combined, and it's a ******* blast to drive. That last one wasn't a requirement, just a happy little accident.

    And to be honest, all this crap talk about Fiat and Chrysler means I'm either lucky or it's more meme than advice, because I've owned almost exclusively FCA cars during the last 10 years with little to no issues. Chrysler PT Cruiser (free, shut up), several FCA Jeep JK's, a Chrysler Minivan, and now the Fiat 500.

    Oh, and insurance on this motorized shopping cart is astoundingly cheap.

    So far neither mechanic nor myself have found any signs of engine modifications, drivetrain looks good, interior is FCA at 70k.

    Frame is in good condition, vehicle comes from Georgia and last (and only) owner I tracked down to a couple small flat rural towns, nowhere near mountains (road salt) or the coast (sea salt). Not saying it didn't venture there, but nothing makes me worry about potential rust in places I can't see.

    I do think I'll be replacing the drivers side power window motor, it checked out at dealership and mechanics but it doesn't perform as well as the passenger, and I am NOT getting stuck with a rolled down window again. Rear seats are in decent condition, but there's a small burn mark in the fabric and the headrests stick so I'm likely just going to delete those. Bringing that up got me $250 off though, which I think is fair as that's near the cost of a rear seat delete or used rear seat on ebay/craigslist.

    I am having a little trouble shifting, as I'm riding the clutch too long I think. I come from the land of OTR trucking and 4x4 rock crawling which require much longer shift times. I'm sure I'll learn, but asked on another post about it anyways as to not wear out my clutch any more than it is already.

    This is such a fun little car.

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    Welcome from the four corners!
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    I call it a micro Ferrari.

    F I A T ------Ferrari Inspired Automotive Technology
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    Blast to drive! 25 years newer than last car!

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    Welcome to the forum, nightbyte!
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