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Thread: Bought a new (used) 2013 Abarth. Question about shifting.

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    Bought a new (used) 2013 Abarth. Question about shifting.

    Just picked up a decent 2013 Abarth with 70k for $9k. Other than the Colorado and county taxes killing me, I think I got a decent deal.

    Now I don't think there is any issues in the transmission, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to the manual transmission in the vehicle.

    Prior to this car, I've driven mostly if not strictly commercial semi's/buses/trucks/4x4's with manuals that had long throws, required a moderately long clutch-shift delay, and often required cursing and yelling to properly shift. The smallest manual I've driven is a jeep JK and YJ, which is a world different from the 500 it seems.

    About how long does one need to depress the clutch prior to shifting, and how soon can one re-engage the clutch after shifting in the 500?

    I take about 2 seconds for full shift in my jeep (clutch down, shift, clutch out), 3-4 seconds in the International, but this one seems like it's wanting a much shorter shifting time.

    I figured it'd be best to ask the forum than to put unwarranted wear on the clutch.

    This is such a fun car already.
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    Welcome to the group, nightbyte. I hope you enjoy the site and don't forget to check out the Fiat500USA link. It's loaded with all the inside info.

    I'm pretty slow on shifting, but I don't usually take 2 seconds to shift. Honestly, it's so "automatic" that I don't think about the shifts... as the clutch pedal is still going down I'm pulling back on the lever.

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