Picked up a 2015 Abarth that's had some modifications over its lifetime, including suspension work. Trying to sort out what's what on it... so far, I've identified the following from taking pics and google searches:

  • Koni rear shocks (8040 1398Sport)
  • Madness rear lowering springs (14/34)
  • V-Maxx Coilover kit... looks like rear adjusters, not 100% sure about the front struts
  • RRM chassis braces
  • Corsa Forza Performance Lower Frame Brace

The car is pretty slammed... less than 2 inches ground clearance. I'd like to raise it to more of a daily driver stance and get back a bit of ride comfort (went over a speed bump in a parking lot, slowly, and the rear felt like it tore a hole through the car's floor it hit so hard!). I'm looking to identify the parts and see if it's just a matter of adjusting height and tuning the dampening vs having to swap it all out. Is this something any Fiat mechanic/shop can help me get done or do I need to seek out a 'specialty' shop?