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Constant 12V and Accessory Power fuses in interior fuse box
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Thread: Constant 12V and Accessory Power fuses in interior fuse box

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    Constant 12V and Accessory Power fuses in interior fuse box

    Hoping someone can assist. Need to tap 2 fuses, prefer the interior fuse box, 1 for constant 12V and the other for accessory power. Will be using add-a-fuses if it matters. Need to know which ones specifically please (there are 14 fuses in interior box, need the numbers)

    I know there is 15A cigar lighter fuse and others I could use in the engine compartment fuse box but I would rather avoid tapping anything in that box altogether.

    Any help would be great. Thanks kindly

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    Your owners manual should have a listing of the fuses. If you are running a device that pulls more than a couple amps, it would be wiser to tap into the battery cable and install your own fuse. We did this when installing an aftermarket amp. Fiat is fairly conservative in fuse/relay/wire ratings.

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    Why don’t you just wire off the center console 12 volt socket. It’s already fused. Are you adding a trunk mounted 12 volt outlet? I’ve done that, to other cars I’ve owned. Use it for a small 12 volt air compressor. For my bicycles tires. I’m not sure, if 500’s 12 volt socket, is live all the time. Or only on with the ignition key. I put one in the rear of my Jeep Grand Cherokee, for a mini Refrigerator. While we do camping in Colorado.
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