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DNA rear Uniball kit - Page 3
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Thread: DNA rear Uniball kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by sportfan View Post
    I'm looking at another project that nobody has done yet. I'll do a full write up if it works out. I'm waiting on a set of Abarth calipers a friend is sending me. Also I'm waiting on a LSD to come in from Italy. I have a new Clutchmasters clutch on the bench that goes in when I do the LSD. I've got to get the Uniballs installed someday soon. I would like to do some autocross again in the near future. I haven't done any since the early 70's. I go to Texas every year for the last four to do Twisted ( was Twisted Sisters) in the Texas foothills. The car really shines in those foothills. I've had it dynoed at EC and its is making 129 crank hp. The quick handling, light weight, and added hp make it a blast to drive anywhere.
    Looking forward to your mods and write up/pictures!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sportfan View Post
    They were the fixed DNA control arms . It was at full lock that they would rub.
    I've had a day to think about this... but I think I know why.
    I don't know this as a fact, but it would make perfect sense.

    The North American FIAT 500 ABARTH has specific control arms, Hubs, and Steering Knuckles.
    That's what DNA made their Fixed/ Adjustable Control Arms to fit.

    You have a FIAT 500 Sport... which has different control arms, Hubs, and Steering Knuckles (base FIAT 500 Equipment).

    FCA (Chrysler Engineering) adjust turning radius/ steering response by lengthening/ shortening/ adjusting the steering knuckle location/ arm.

    The ABARTH and Sport have completely different suspension tuning.

    I'd always been told from the very beginning, if you wanted to race a FIAT 500 start with the ABARTH, as it was tuned by SRT and had a bunch of "hidden upgrades".

    Unfortunately I don't have contact anymore with the Chrysler Engineer that developed the FIAT 500 ABARTH for North America.
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    What you're saying BigDaddy is true. There are many differences between the Pop, Sport, and Abarth. The vendor I bought the DNA arms from said he had sold them to owners of all the different models without any problems. I don't know why they didn't work on my car but, my Frankenarms work fine.

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