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Thread: Tpms

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    I know this has been beat to death and yes I have read the other threads however:

    I have the dreaded "Service Tire Pressure System" but I swear I remember it
    saying "Tire Pressure System Unavailable" before.

    Most of the threads I have read say the batteries are dead in the transmitters
    and this would make sense to me except on the screen with the individual tires
    shown all four tires have a dash mark and what are the odds all four batteries
    went at the same time not to mention the car is on the four year old short
    side of the battery life expectancy.

    I have no problem putting new transmitters in if I thought that would fix it
    but I'm not a parts swapper and I hate to replace things that aren't broke.

    I assume this is a computer code that I should be able to clear with an OBD
    scan tool but I'm not sure.

    Any thoughts for this novice 2016 Abarth owner?

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    From all the threads, this could be a single sender (sensor in wheel) failing.

    I'd start by having the senders tested as that is usually a free service. If that is not the cause, the receivers can also go bad. Your dealer, and many shops, can run diagnostics to ID the failed receiver, if that's the case.
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    I have a 2012 500. New tires, and 4 new TPMS. I still get the Tire Pressure System Unavailable message occasionally for some strange reason. The only thing, I can figure out. There is a modular, receiver pickup. That might be bad, off and on. I just usually been ignoring the message. I keep my tire aired up to the correct air pressure.

    Since brand new, I also get this message too. The front left tire, needs air. No matter which tire, is on that corner. Correct air pressure in the tire.
    The dealer pulled a code on it. Replaced the TPMS sensor, when the car was still under warranty. To thIs day 9 years later. I Still get that message too.

    Part #4....
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