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Thread: Gears kicking and undercarriage noises

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    Gears kicking and undercarriage noises

    Hey everyone, there are two things going on with my car, and I am not a mechanic at all. I would like your opinion before doing anything.

    I did not drive my car for like a week or so, and when I started driving it yesterday, the gearbox was acting funny. When the car shifted into 3 and 5 gear, it would kick in really hard. By the end of the day, it kinda went away, but I still could feel that it was not 100% right. It’s a 2016 with the 2.4L, 29k miles, and no warranty. I doubt an update would fix this because it was fine before. Does it have to do with the transmission fluid maybe? To my understanding, these cars do not have a dipstick down there.

    Second, when my car is cold or has been sitting for a little while, I can hear metal banging-like sounds coming from the car. I park in an enclosed garage and I can hear these noises echoing when I start driving. They come from underneath the car, not the engine. The car drives just fine tho; no vibrations on the steering wheel, nor pulling to a side.

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