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Thread: Lancia Outsells Alfa Romeo in EU Thanks to Stupid Ypsilon

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    Lancia Outsells Alfa Romeo in EU Thanks to Stupid Ypsilon

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    It's sad that Alfa doesn't sell well, but I am happy Lancia is still alive. It's a sad comedown for both marques.
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    Go Lancia!
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    The article is off a bit, I think. The Ypsilon is also sold in the UK, Ireland and Japan, but with a Chrysler emblem. It looks like a Panda and PT Cruiser mated and had a *really* ugly child, but the specs are pretty good. Fiat has been trying to dump the Lancia brand, but the car has sold 3M copies... 3K cars a month in Italy during the pandemic.

    This year's model has the light-hybrid system and knocks down 58 US MPG... half the cost of a Prius and similar MPG. It can hit 60 MPH in 14 seconds (top speed 101 MPH). Part of it is you can choose your engine. Along w/ the 1.2 or .9L turbo, you can choose diesel or a pair of dual fuel (gasoline and LPG or CNG). For the latter 2 engines, they claim a driving range of almost 700 miles.

    Starting around $17K, it's affordable. Compare to a $35K to $85K Giulia (UK pricing before taxes/insurance) and it's not a fair comparison in a depressed economy. Only in the US do we take the challenge and run out to buy a Canyonero when the economy may tank.

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    Plymouth PT cruiser, and a Nissan Milano had a baby Bandito.

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