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Thread: 500x won't start + what are the correct battery positions for jump starting

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    500x won't start + what are the correct battery positions for jump starting

    My 2016 Fiat 500X suddenly won't start after about 2 weeks since the last time it started. No lights, nothing. I thought it was a discharged battery, so I tried jump starting using a portable jump starter but still nothing happens.
    I also tried with another battery charger + jump starter combo pack that I have but that did nothing either - wouldn't jump start nor does the battery seem to be charging.
    (And yes I did ensure those packs are charged and working.)

    Could I be connecting it wrongly on the battery terminals?

    I have attached a picture here showing where I connected the positive and negative clamps.
    I connected the positive (red) end to the position marked in a RED circle in the picture - you will see two RED circles in the picture because I tried these two positions (separately).
    I connected the negative (black) end to a nut marked in a BLUE circle on the picture. I couldn't find anywhere else suitable to connect to as a "ground".

    Finally, a note:
    Sometimes, after connecting and turning on either of the two jump starter / battery charger packs that I have, the car would make a loud warning alarm kind of sound at about 1-second intervals or so. I would have to turn off the packs and reposition the positive and negative clamps and then it would not sound the alarm when turning on the packs again. I don't know if this information helps figure out the problem, but just thought of adding it here.
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    You need a better ground connection. Find a place on the engine. Exposed, unpainted metal part of the engine away from the battery and the fuel injection system.

    Use the second red circle towards the right in the picture to connect the positive lead. If you used the spot on the left in the picture, make sure you didn't blow the fuse.
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