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Thread: help on issue with buying a used alfa sport

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    help on issue with buying a used alfa sport

    so found a local red 2017 Gulia with the sport package..... there is just 5 problems with the car
    so a local used car dealership has a 2017 Gulia base with.....
    17 inch gray sport wheels, paddle shifters, all weather matts, 8.8 inch screen w/o Nav
    its a Red with black seats..... 15k miles on a 2017 gulia clean carfax. They are asking $22,795 for the car... are they pricing to sell or asking too much?
    1. They have lionheart tires on it...... you wont catch me dead with these tires so quick story my next door to me told me.... they have a 2006 chevy tahoe have lionheart tires.... it was poring rain and they told me ..... "I am going to ask you because it seems like you know a lot about cars so we almost crashed 2 times from the way home today.... but I wanted to get Michelins but their too expensive... I went to a friend of a friend who is here without a visa we need to help him he has a used tire shop store and he told me that lionheart is not only way better then Pirelli and Michelin but 2-3 times cheaper, plus they will last longer because the big brands just charge to much its only their name.... plus if you have a problem like a bad tires they sold you Michelin wont stand behind the product. .... so she said I think I will get another set of lionheart...... so then I asked her how much for those tires oh they charge me $84 per tires plus labor so it was $600 for a set... I said .... let me get this straight you almost crashed 2 times on the way home and you are going to buy the same brand of tires..... she said "yeah because they are cheap and better then anything else on sale" I just couldnt believe her.
    what do you guys recommend for it? I was thinking about Perilli P7 AS or the same tires that come on a INFINITI Q50 Bridgestone Potenza something....
    2. it only features the 8.8 screen with XM/ HD radio am/FM..... so is there a way to add nav?
    3. it has the powered seats with memory but can you add heated seats?
    4. is there a mopar or alfa brand exhaust for it? by the way its a 2.0T not the v6
    5. what warranty should I get for the car.... one of the thing me and my wife talked about is it has to include a warranty.

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    The Alfa Romeo Giulias are great cars and the asking price is probably half of the original selling price so looks fine to me. Tires, i would go for Michelin whenever i can. other than this info i would go to the Alfa Romeo Giulia Forum for the rest of your questions as they would have the experience and answers you are looking for. Good luck on this wonderful, world class car.
    Tom R

    2018 Fiat 500C Abarth
    2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

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    How much should I pay for a 2017-2020 used sport ti? with like 20-40k miles?

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