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Thread: New from CO Fiat 500 POP

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    New from CO Fiat 500 POP

    Good morning all,

    Thanks for having a place I can learn more about my Fiat 500 POP. It's a funny but mad story of how I came to own this adventure. I cosigned for my daughter to get this Fiat. "It's so cute" After 3 years of her not taking care of it like she agreed I went into Limp mode and she wanted no more to do with it. Since I was the co-signer and it still had $2300 owed on it I had to make payments and get if fixed. She had it towed to some mechanic shop that wanted $10,000 just to fix it. He even said that it was a throw away car. I got it home to my driveway and it sat for a long while. When a guy offered to take a look at it and then the nightmare began.
    He used his OBD scanner and found that the oil pressure was not reading correct then he tore the engine apart but could not find the problem. Well I looked at it and found a cracked shaft. I bought a new one and he put the engine back together only to find that it still won't start. Well after a year of messing with it he mentioned that I should buy a new motor. I said no he bought one anyway. He put it all back together with a new engine a $1000.00 later and the engine runs but it won't shift into gear. He doesn't know what is causing it. He says I need a new transmission. He claimed there are no codes coming up on his scanner. Please help me before he goes and buys a new transmission without my permission to buy one. I am reading everything possible to figure it out on my own. I am now $5000.00 into a car I never wanted. All info is appreciated.

    The engine starts but it wont shift into any gear what has he done? I think it's a sensor

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    First, welcome to the club.

    You don't say if it is an automatic or manual transmission. My first move would be to tell the mechanic to stop working on the car. Lock it in your home garage if necessary. You are down $5K and could be down another 2 or 3K if you let him continue. You are in a situation much like mine, but mine on the house where every repair became a major rebuild.

    If the transmission was working when it was parked, it is unlikely to need a new transmission. There are several things that can cause a car to not go into gear, but we'll need a bit more detail before making suggestions.

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