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Sadly here locally no Abarth is sitting on the lot. On the Fiat site though pricing out a pretty loaded 124 Abarth hits around $35K so if they were offering in the neighborhood of $10K off I'd have to figure out how to make that happen possibly, just wish they came with a hardtop option like the MX-5 RF. I wish your dealer was my dealer (or the online dealer you're speaking about).
The dealers I was looking at were all over the U.S. I can never count on any dealer within 200 miles of me to have any good FIAT's, so I always account for shipping costs as well. With that in mind, I've seen loaded Abarth 124's for as low as $24k. Since FIAT warranties are four years, 50,000 miles, I'd be looking at used ones less than a year old or under 10k miles as well. Great savings there.