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Abarth side mirror cap color change; same size as 500X?
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Thread: Abarth side mirror cap color change; same size as 500X?

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    Abarth side mirror cap color change; same size as 500X?

    Hi everyone,

    I purchased a gray 2017 Abarth about a week ago that came with body color side mirror caps/covers. I would like to change them to orange but cannot seem to find a matching part to do that. I found 2016 500X side mirror caps in orange and am wondering if they are the same size as the 500 Abarth's mirror caps. If not, I guess I would have to buy the black/primed caps from Mopar and have them painted (though that seems expensive) or I would have to have the existing caps vinyl wrapped in orange.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.


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    Sam, Two different vehicles. The mirror caps, wouldnt be compatible. Just have yours wrapped. Have you thought about painting your existing caps, yourself. Rough up the surface. Take a Rattle can of the orange, and then clear coat the mirror caps.

    Good luck.

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    Paint your existing ones or search for used ones on eBay. That’s where I’ve gotten most of mine. Probably hard to find orange though.
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    I would take smark's advise and wrap your existing mirror caps. Wrap has the advantage of not having to remove the existing covers and risk breaking them. If you want to give it a try at home, there are plenty of Youtube vids... and ebay sells wrap cheap. You'd have to measure, but I think the 1' x 5' wrap kit would work; $6 including tools, though you'd still need a heat gun (hair drier might work). I've not tried his kits, as I chose to stick with major names like 3M.

    I haven't done many wraps, mostly small projects, but it can be a fun project. For smaller projects it's less work than paint or swapping parts and, best of all, if you mess up just peel it off and try again.

    If you want a shop to do it, shop around. For small parts like mirrors, you should be able to find a shop willing to do the job for $50 plus material cost. It should last 3 to 5 years and some materials give a finish hard to duplicate in paint. Once you get started it's hard to stop.

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