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Thank you again Ronbo10 and Mikey.

Mikey: That is a one really good buy you got.

Ronbo: I agree - it seems the 9 speed automatic transmission is optional in the 2016 Pop model. With that being said, it comes standard in the Easy and the Easy is ~$2500 more than the Pop ( at least back in 2016 if you look at MSRP). Thus this begs the question: How much extra it would have cost to add the optional 9 speed to the Pop model? But even then assuming it would not add $2500, it still it would not come with the automatic starter, as you mentioned. Thus probably not worth it, but still an option I suppose. The strange thing is I found an easy with 42k miles priced lower than a 2016 pop with the optional 9 speed with 38k miles. Appears to be a no brainer assuming all things are equal. I will have to do a manual inspection and title history check to determine if it really is strange pricing. But in any event, it is good to know the pop can come with an optional automatic.

Thanks again.
Happy to chime in, CaliFiat.

I think that the issue with regard to the Pop trim level with the 1.4 liter turbo is that the ZF 9-speed was (I believe) never mated up with the 1.4 liter. In any market. So any automatic equipped 500X bought stateside will have the 2.4 liter. I don't know if you've experienced the ZF 9-speed and how it functions, but it does operate a bit differently from any other automatic (at least that I've driven). It is decidedly uninspiring when operated in the manual mode, and there is a reason for that which is inherent in its design. Alex On Autos (a YouTube auto industry journalist with probably the most thorough auto reviews out there) put together an informative video on the ZF 9-speed auto that can give you some insights on what to expect out of it.

As far as pricing is concerned, I've noted in my searches that for pretty much any Fiat model sold stateside from 2012 on can very widely in pricing, from ridiculously overpriced to shockingly low-priced. If you're committed to the automatic transmission, I think the Easy came with enough extra stuff to make it worth the premium you might have to pay over a Pop, and if you find one that's cheaper than a Pop, so much the better. Those CarFax reports and similar do allow you to buy with a little more confidence, that's for sure.