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Thread: Emblems

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    The Fiat 127 was one of the more interesting models. More impressive than the car itself was Fiat's ability to introduce it into markets around much of the car driving world. Nations were interested in developing their own cars and Fiat made it possible, providing expert advice and, for smaller start-ups, entire cars in a crate... like an oversized Ikea. Fiat supplied expert advice on both sides of the Iron Curtain, and in many nations. Some were nearly identical to Italian 127's, others were heavily customized. One of the more interesting was the 147.

    147 emblems aren't all that interesting but are tricky to obtain. I am still looking for unique 147 grille emblems (4 of them) but bought this one because the car's unique history.

    The 127 hit the market in 1971, with the 147 introduced 5 years later. Though it was a 127, the new model was given a new name to differentiate it from other 127's. Brazil had unique needs in the mid 70's. The Gas Crisis made gasoline expensive. They used Yellow gas (67 to 73 octane, depending on source). The company increased the engine's displacement to 1.3L (from .9L) with a compression of 7:1. They also marketed the first car that ran on ethanol. Compression was bumped to 11:1 and the fuel system was made corrosion resistant. Though close-to carbon neutral, the real reason was alcohol was 1/4 the cost of gasoline, offset by going 30% fewer miles per liter. The car was popular for its low operating cost, smooth acceleration, and ease of repair. One was sent to the President of France and brought back last year for the 50th anniversary. The fuel system was cleaned, the fuel pump and tank replaced, and the car ran like new. A good cleaning and the car looked nearly new as well. The model was popular enough that it was made/marketed thru most of South America and models were imported to Europe and other countries.

    The 147GLS was a later model, in max trim. Other models were introduced to the line, including a mini-pickup.
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