Having a strange issue. Was just about to get home, shifted into second after a stop light. at pretty high revs but not at full throttle, and all of a sudden there was a grinding noise that continued when I was in-gear. I got it into my driveway, and the car seems very down on power, couldn't make it up my steep driveway without stalling. I was able to shift it into reverse no-problem, but it still stalled and grinded in reverse as well if going uphill. It even sounds wrong when just sitting in neutral. Sound is a little hard to describe, sounds dirty and grindy. The problem seems to be engine-side, as it's making the same noises in every gear I've tried, 1st-3rd and reverse, and the clutch and shifter feel normal. Seems it may be in limp mode or something. No check engine or any other warning lights though. Any ideas?