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How long your Fiat 500 lasts?
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Thread: How long your Fiat 500 lasts?

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    How long your Fiat 500 lasts?

    My Fiat 500 Sport 2012 just hit 143687 miles and it won't move now due to Cylinder 4 Oil Supply Solenoid Valve Stuck P1064 error. I am towing it to dealership next week.
    Bought it for 8000$ 1.5 year old and 56,000 miles in mid 2014.
    Since that time I spent 14,446$ on repairs and parts.
    Some major repairs:
    -Air Conditioning suction line at 143k miles
    -Transmission rebuild at 141k miles
    -Engine mounts at 139k miles
    -Seal-Spark Plug Tube, Gasket-cylinder head cover, Pump-vacuum, Valve-PCV at 139k miles
    - Rear wheels bearings and wheel at 129k miles
    - Timing belt at 121k miles
    - Module-Body Controller at 96k miles

    During the time I have the car I also had to do:
    - All tires replacement - twice
    Transmission Shift Cable Bushing - twice
    - Change car battery
    - Headlight light bulb replacement 3-4 times
    - Stop light bulb replacement - twice
    - Spark plugs replacement 3 times
    - Passenger side external door handle - twice

    Car tilts a little to the left it may need shocks or suspension replacement. The A/C panel inside lost it's back light. Buttons on radio lost their symbols. Passenger seat won't fold anymore, link got broken.

    I think in retrospect I should have replaced Multi-air actuator oil filter (specialist recommends every 40k miles, mine has 143k), flush cooling system (there is a lot of trash in coolant container by now), not get a car that was filled with semi-synthetic for first 56k miles. I use 5W-30 full synthetic since I have it.

    I was curious how is your experience with Fiat 500, did any of you made it to that mileage, what type of major issues did you have, how long do you expect the car to last or plan to keep it, etc?

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    2012 Fiat 500 Pop just hit 150,000. Bought with 600 miles on it in June of 2012 for 12K. First off it drives like new. It has been the most dependable car I have ever owned. I’ve done nothing other than general maintenance items and a few wheel bearings and three broken door handle hinges. I’ll be doing the timing belt in a few months as per the maintenance schedule. My front struts are getting a little tired. I replaced the rear shocked a few months ago. My rear hatch works periodically which can be annoying especially when a build goes out. The inner cover is easy to remove and then I can use the manual release. I see no reason why I won’t hit 200,000 miles.

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