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Electric Mirrors not working
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Thread: Electric Mirrors not working

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    Electric Mirrors not working

    So, I have a 2012 500 Pop, and for the life of the car so far I have never had to move the mirrors, with the exception of Day 1 when I initially put them into position. But recently I tried to adjust them and the power mirrors no longer work. I have checked the fuse and it looks ok, I don't see a break in it. Is there anything else I should look for?



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    After sitting for an extended time, the cable/pivots can freeze up on power mirrors. You can try applying moderate thumb pressure on the mirror and operate the switch. If it moves, it'll let you know what is wrong.

    Naturally, the ignition switch needs to be on and the toggle set to the proper window. If that doesn't work, you can pop off the door panel and check for current to the switch/mirror motor.

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    As Map mention. The ignition switch needs to be on. I can’t imagine both mirrors, to quit working at the same time. Just start your car.

    If that doesn’t work. You have a bad power window switch, in the door panel. It controls both windows. It’s a $34 buck part. Maybe the switch plug came loose. To the switch. Removing the door panel is really easy. Lots of You Tube videos on that procedure.


    Good Luck!
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