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Fiat 500 Sport 2012, 141k miles, vibration at specific RPM 3600-3700 + kicks stopping
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Thread: Fiat 500 Sport 2012, 141k miles, vibration at specific RPM 3600-3700 + kicks stopping

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    Fiat 500 Sport 2012, 141k miles, vibration at specific RPM 3600-3700 + kicks stopping

    After the transmission was rebuilt, axle replaced, car picked up two new anomalies that did not exist before:
    1. When in Drive at any gear (checked 2,3,4) at various speeds, but identical RPM 3600-3700 car will start vibrating, it disappears after crossing 4000 RPM completely.
    When gear shifts and RPM falls down when passing through 3600-3700 the vibration is weaker but shows up too.
    When pushing gas in Parked it is smooth through entire RPM range.
    Transmission service doesn't know what it is and don't know how to fix it, they say they can barely feel that vibration, but knowing the car for so many years it is extremely annoying for me.
    2. When slowing down at the lights, right before the car stops there is a kick like sometimes when switching Parking to Reverse or Reverse to Drive, you can feel the gear kicking in or whatever that is.

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    Fast Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50
    Here's my .02 re your Automatic Transmission / Fiat Issues

    For my background info - Back in the day wjhen I was a up-and-coming gearhead I had a summer job working at an automatic transmission rebuild shop as a parts runner and go-fer. The owner and his crew of three old boys that taught me more than I'll ever forget about slush-boxes. So I know a little about good quality work and automatic transmissions

    First question, Is your shop ATRA approved (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association)?
    If they belong, utilize your nation-wide warranty at another ATRA shop and get another shop's opinion.

    Condition 1 sounds like an out of balance issue.

    I'll start with easy/cheap and move my way up the ladder.

    First guess is that somehow when they removed or installed the tire on the axle repair side, they knocked off a wheel weight.
    The weights on these rims are "adhesive" and due to weather, road grime, heat, and age they can easily fall off.
    You can always take your car to a tire shop and get your wheel (or wheels) balanced to rule this out.

    2nd guess is that you have a bad re-built axle (since this is a constant issue I read about concerning these cars.)
    Does your quote/invoice indicate a new or rebuilt axle?
    Let's put it this way - sometimes fast-talkers say "new" and when the time to install comes you get a re-built one.
    Ask for the part number and run it on the interwebs.

    3rd guess is that they installed a bad balanced torque converter.
    I've witnessed this, and read about it on many forums.
    Given the amount of torque converters that get rebuilt it's not uncommon to get a "bad balance" every now and then.

    Condition 2

    This sounds like a "band" issue.

    In an automatic transmission, clutches are for upshifts, and the band is for downshifts.

    To me it sounds like the band in your transmission is either improperly adjusted, or manufactured to such gross tolerances (i.e. made in China) that is why you are experiencing a "bang/thunk/noticeable mechanical sound or feel" when you come to stop lights/signs.

    Of course, all this is my speculation and the bottom line is that if your shop is honest, they should going out of their way to be making good on their work.

    The shop I worked at spent $0.00 on advertising.

    90% of their work was garnered by happy/satisfied customers telling other people (with transmission problems) they knew about our shop...

    Hope that helps and report back -

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