Where's Waldo ? (The case of the missing Abarth inventory)

A Little Background

All of us vintage Fiat-Abarth guys knew about FAZA and Al Cosentino. This was a Mecca for all things Abarth then, and Al's occasional overstuffed catalogs were more thorougly read than the holy bible. And it was a bible of sorts for us. Where else could you find a Nardi manifold for a 32DCD Weber carburetor? -- or an Abarth free flow exhaust system for a n Abarth 750. Those were good times and today they are just warm and wistful memories of many yesterdays past.

The stories of Al Cosentino and his moves from Carmel NY to Florida and then to California are fairly well known in the community, but to a much lesser degree the story of what Al left behind in New York, and what happened to the stash vintage Abarth parts remains a mystery.

Today there is a very active multi-national vintage Fiat Abarth community a couple hundred strong. Most of us are now more vintage than our automobles, but still we persist. Both individually and as a group our goal is to keep these old machines alive and well and to share and enjoy the automotive madness that made thse little giant killers the legends that they have become. It should come as no surprise that parts for these cars are hard to find these days and that any information where to find them would be a treasure.

The Mystery

When Cosentino left New York and moved to Florida, the FAZA NY operation fell into the hands of one Andy Smith. From there the story of FAZA New York and the supply of vintage Abarth parts that were there is reduced to speculation. I've heard the parts went froy NY to Long Island, then to Watkins Glen, and then to Australia. Wht's truth and what's sheer rumor is unclear.

So --- here's the question: Can anyone share some information about what happened to the FAZA inventory, where it might be and how it came to be wherever it is. The question has been asked numerous times on our vintage forum and so far has not resulted in any substantive answers. Perhaps with our combined memories we might be able to piece together the story of the missing Abarth inventory. Please help if you can.

Chris -- is this worth a sticky?