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500L Short Shifter Install
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Thread: 500L Short Shifter Install

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    500L Short Shifter Install w/instructions

    So I ended up ordering a short-throw shifter for my 2015 500L. Apologies as a full engine clean is coming as soon as my new gasket for the oil separator is here. The wd-40 for the nuts made it look extra dirty.

    Anyway, I wanted to give a sort-of guide for anyone wanting to do this as well. Shame on me as I only managed to take 2 pictures. BUT, I'll include a handy guide that really helped me along and some key points.

    Step 1. Remove the battery and battery box. If you can't figure that out, STOP. Let someone else install this.

    Step 2. Locate the part you will be changing. I used pictures from the PDF the company sent to clarify. Notice it's in an "L" shape. A nut to the right holds it to the reverse lockout spring and straight up it connects under the shifter arm (dunno if that's what it's called) to a ball joint.

    Now here's where the directions and I went separate ways. It lead me to believe that under the "shifter arm" where the ball joint attaches, there is a retaining pin that must be removed. There is not one. But there is on the new one. It looks like you COULD, MAYBE, do this with the shift cables and "shifter arm" still attached. It's really tight in there so I decided just to remove them.


    So, I don't know the proper way to remove the arm with the blue fitting. It's a ball joint and why trying to pry off with 2 flatheads it broke. Instead of popping off the ball joint, the outer and inner housing separated. I just 2-part epoxied them back together. Fiat doesn't sell just that connector, so you have to buy the whole cable to replace it. $120? No thanks. Maybe there's a trick I don't know. But on second look, I'm not sure it needs to be removed anyway.

    Look Ma, I broke it. (Just the red arrow)


    Step 3. Take a look at the picture below. Pry off the back left cable from the ball joint (blue up arrow). Remove the rubber cap shown by the orange arrow. Unscrew the bolt holding it in. Unscrew the nut holding down the shift linkage (pink arrow). You will need to pry the plate directly under the nut up once the nut is removed. Slide the plate under the blue arm fitting (it swivels). Now the way I would try it now, would be to grab the "shifter arm" (where you took out the bolt by the pink arrow) and lift up and rotate 90deg to the right. You should have enough space to pull the whole assembly out.

    Now take notice of the red circle. see where the arm is already removed. Once the assembly is out you can just pop it off the ball joint. Put the new shifter linkage you bought in it's place. Reminder that there IS a retaining pin you need to insert. This is really where I disagreed with the provided instructions. No way in hell you can see where to put it or get a finger in there to do it without pulling the assembly out.


    Now just put everything back. Get in the car and work through the gears. Now I did notice that my shifting points were slightly different. You'll have to get used to that. 1st and second gear aren't so far to the left anymore.

    I really hope this made a little bit of sense. I know it's sloppy, but so many have helped me on here that I needed to give back at least a little.

    Link to kit: https://www.short-shifters.com/g-shi...ifter-kit.html

    Install instructions with added pictures: https://static.webshopapp.com/shops/...78/g-shift.pdf
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