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2013 Abarth misfire cyl 4
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Thread: 2013 Abarth misfire cyl 4

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    2013 Abarth misfire cyl 4

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    I got this error code two months ago and replaced all four plugs, which was fine, 80,000 miles. Now that code is back, so Im thinking coil(s) need replacing. Anybody been thru this? On starting engine burbles and spits, after 30 seconds warms and runs fine but check engine light stays on. OBD tool says misfire cyl 4.

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    Behavior changes with temp could be coils. You can find out for free, just move number 4 coil to another location and see if the code follows. Or just throw coils at it.
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    +1 on switching the coils. I assume P0304? You may luck out and find the air oil separator o-ring failed and filled #4's well. I'd check the plug for fouling.

    Yes, there are several posts, each with a different recommendation. Try an advanced search (select "in headings") to narrow it down to a handful. Doing a full search for misfire brings up additional related threads, but can take a while to weed them out. Unfortunately some of those recommendations point to grim causes.

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    Try switching the 4th coil with the 3rd and clear the codes. If it comes back and says P0303 than you have to replace that coil.

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