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Stuck in Park
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Thread: Stuck in Park

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    Stuck in Park


    I own a 2016 Abarth Essesse has a 5 speed semi auto transmission that had the problem one day after starting it in garage and let idle for about one minute to warm engine I select R to reverse the car and car still in P or N would not move. It would not select either 1st or R to move the car. I then attempted while applying the foot on the brake to build the revs of the engine to about 3000 rpm then selecting R then and it jumped into gear. The same it would do when selecting 1st. I stopped the engine to let rest for 5 minutes then came back to perform same operation this time it went into gear from P at normal engine idle speed.

    The problem has gone for the time but I am still afraid to drive the car in case the problem happens again and am curious to know what the problem is too. Can someone help with this please.

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    I wish I could help you. The Durologic transmission, you have in your car. Isn’t offered here in NA.

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