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Oil Leak - Page 2
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Thread: Oil Leak

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    I've only done job with turbo charger removed. But pretty sure you can do the job with it in place going thru the bottom. The turbo return line is going to be removed regardless. If you're removing the oil filter assembly. But I think with the downpipe removed, front bumper off, and induction removed yiu could do the job. If you want more space in front and to the passenger side of turbo, you dont need to remove entire front end and radiator, just remove all bumper and crash structure bolts and leave very bottom 2 very loose. You can tilt entire assembly forward and gain valuable space to access the upper bolts and covers.

    First thing I would recomend if.yiu dont trust the diagnosis is clean the whole area up really well and track down the leak. Either leak is gonna cause a mess and make it difficult to track.

    Turbo return gasket should be very easy. Just the downpipe removal and 2 bolts essentially. Buy a gasket with a tab on it to make in car installation much easier! It's the same flange as mhi td04. Not sure if the oem gasket has a tab on it.
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    2013 abarth tork tuned
    cowl intake, custom fmic and bypass valve, vogtlands, rear vette bilstiens, long 3 inch downpipe to stock rear section.

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