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thanks for the info, Ill have this in mind. But it seems like there are just a couple of cars with this problem; Ill look into it for sure
I did a little more looking around about these blind spot monitoring sensor issues and find that very few complaints for Fiat 500X/Jeep Renegade. I take that to mean that these sensors are an uncommon option on these vehicles.

I did find a number of reports of sensor issue similar to what we are seeing for Grand Cherokee in the 2012 timeframe. While I am sure these are a similar system, I not sure that it is the same system as the 500X or Renegade use. This sensor setup appears to be used on the Dart also. One deep dive on a Dart forum (dodge-dart org) into the sensor system showed that the firmware on the sensor is upgradeable (both have to be at the same level to work), the senors do talk to the radio so that you can enable the beep in addition to the light in the mirror (a feature that would drive me nuts in my travels), and pointing the right tool at the sensors can get some troubleshooting information. The problem reported also including making right and left turns would cause the error, which I find interesting.

My issue with the intermittent error has come back at a much lower frequency than before, but I have been able to do some more isolation of the issue. While the error occurs at any time, often the error appears when I use the turn signal. I am wondering if this is a ground problem with the lights and sensors at the back of the car.

For now I have gone in to the engineering mode of the radio (uConnect 6.5an radio) press Radio+Media+Browse buttons at the same time and reset the radio (NOT the reset to factory defaults one) and I will see if this has any impact on the issue.