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Got hit--found out something random/interesting about the striping on Abarth 500 - Page 2
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Thread: Got hit--found out something random/interesting about the striping on Abarth 500

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    Aesthetically, the separate pieces do look more upmarket. The single strip is easier to put on and more durable as there are less edges to have to worry about.
    The OEM single strips goes on across, in one piece. You position it on the car, with small magnets. Not separate decals. There is a protective film, protecting the sticky side. You then pull off the top sheet. The decals are then separate pieces on the car. Just don’t wax over those. It Always leaves a white film, around the decal edges. I feel too it looks more up scale. Less chance of bubbles, dirt or debris, under the printed across decal.

    What nice about, a decal image printed across clear acetate. It’s easy to position on the car. You apply soap water to the panel. Then your able to move the decal in its correct position. Squeegee out, the decal flat. Years ago when I worked for Pontiac. Showing my age. That’s how the screaming chicken hood decal. Were applied.
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    Nice picture. Brings back memories. I wanted a Trans Am when I was a kid ( I have a weakness for American muscle cars) but couldn't afford one, so the next best thing was getting a job selling them at a Pontiac dealer and driving one.

    I've also installed a bunch of decals and stripes on cars, bikes and pretty much anything over the years. The stripes I bought for the Abarth were done wet with the separate pieces like you mentioned above. Like you said, they are pretty easy to do especially after you've done a few. With the single piece ones you don't have to concern yourself with all the multiple pieces being pulled up when removing the top transfer sheet, so they are easier in that way. I like the multiple piece ones myself.

    For our 500X stripes, they were 3M Controltac, which are applied dry. That was weird at first doing a stripe that large dry, and they definitely require more skill than the wet type. Where the the normal wet install is fun to do and forgiving, the dry method was more like work.

    How to install 3M Controltac Stripes on a Fiat 500X:
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    Oh wow okay so I guess I'm not the only one with the single piece decal! I have to say, though, that I also feel like the original decal which is comprised of several different pieces looked better imo. The single piece looks cheaper to me.

    Makes me feel better to know others have the single piece, though...

    Oh, and as far as doing it myself, this is all free work being done by professionals so I want to take advantage of it. The other parties insurance paid for all of this, and then this guy Jay at the auto body shop is basically just a great guy standing by his work and is letting me come back as much as I want until I am completely happy.

    Anyway, alright, I'm a bit more content now seeing the one gray car posted here with the same stripes im about to have now..Lastly, my car is yellow, so as far as it "yellowing" idk if that's my main concern haha..but in all seriousness I did bring up dirt collection on the edges of the clear vinyl and it seems that regular washes will prevent that..Like if I just wipe around that area once a month it should be fine I think..just need to use a little wash, and microfiber to wipe I guess..

    Here's the difference by the way..I have the one piece on and now that it was brought to their attention they ordered the rest of the pieces for the whole car :P (see below)

    so yea, besides being all one piece notice the bottom of the stripe is lower than the bottom of the first part... :P (roads are dirty as fk over here btw...cant wait for winter to be over..and yes i know, my handles are chrome ones freakin fell off lol those under warranty)
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