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500 Madness Version 2 Compatibility
500 Madness

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Thread: 500 Madness Version 2 Compatibility

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    500 Madness Version 2 Compatibility

    Just purchased this unit off someone for $50. It's got all the original parts it came with, even the receipt. My understanding is that it is a Version 2. This guy had it on a Turbo. I wasn't 100% sure it would work on my 2013 Abarth, but it seemed like a good deal. Does anyone know if it will 100% work with the Abarth? Also does anyone know where I can find information on this specific module? Specifically, any Dyno charts. I know 500 madness probably had one for this product. He also said, "[COLOR=#231F20]The wiring harness and the plug to omit the ECM if you want to take it out with out taking the harness out." What does he mean by that? I'm clueless, but learning.[/COLOR]
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    That should work the same on your Abarth. The plug he is referring to is what you plug in place of the module itself(the picture) so that your car goes back to stock without you having to spend half an hour or more removing the harness.
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    Very helpful, thank you.

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    I don't know of any dyno charts from Madness... But, as with the Eurocompulsion bull****, graphs can be misleading. Numbers vary from dyno to dyno... The reason for a dyno isn't to chase down an end number but rather get a baseline and gain as much above that as possible.
    Also, the bypass plug is Handy if you need to valet the car or you're loaning it to someone who you might worry about a heavier foot.

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