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B@W (Bored at Work) 2020 - Page 26
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Thread: B@W (Bored at Work) 2020

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    My thoughts were my foot was on the brake but not down hard enough for my toe to catch the gas pedal and not hard enough to keep the car from moving. My fault for not firmly pressing the brake pedal before shifting into reverse. The unfamiliarity with the car, the closeness of the gas and brake pedal and the rather large dashboard knee pad that partly obscures the view of the pedals are mixed in there as well. That's how I feel about what happened in my case.

    Maybe there is another factor in there I'm not aware of? Don't know. Years later after the 60 minutes thing came out I saw the top mechanic at the dealership, probably one of the best VAG techs in the country and he told me he also experienced some strange behavior with the cars. His thinking was some kind of idle surge. In that case I'm assuming it takes people by surprise and maybe their foot caught the accelerator, too. You should be able to hold the car back from an idle with your foot on the brake pretty easily.

    Then again, in some of those cases some folks could just forget they are not stepping on the brake.

    In my situation I know I was on the brake because I've done plenty of power braking a car and lots of smoky burnouts and know what that feels like.
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    Happy Friday! Thanks for sharing.

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