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Pricing trends used 500e 2017
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Thread: Pricing trends used 500e 2017

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    Pricing trends used 500e 2017

    My husband & I have been monitoring the used 2017 500e market. Over the last several weeks we have notice an uptick in prices. Not a ton, but are taking $500 -$700 increase on $8800 vehicles. We just inquired on one from dealer and he mentioned the value has been going up recently without us even asking him about it. ie. offered it as independent.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? What are you seening?

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    I have been tracking prices of them for a while.
    Here is the background (I cannot find the site now to cite it, but look it up).
    Sales (actually leases) of 500e weer quite strong in the beginning.
    That created market saturation after the lease expired. Hence in 2016/2017 one could get off lease for about 4000-6000 (location dependent - CA being the lowest).
    I was late to the game and got mine for 7000 in Mar-2019. At the time trade in values were about 4000-5000 for it.
    Now they went up to about 5000-6000.

    It means - they are becoming "rarity" and somehow price went up as there are still some folks who want to try them and finding EV for low money is not easy anymore.

    If you can get one at decent price now - do it. Check what is the trade in (use carvana, carmax, and others) to kind of guide you how much you would lose if you did not like the car.
    That's what I do.

    But I change cars way too often...
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    I just bought my 2016 500e with 27k miles last weekend. I paid $6950 for it which I thought was a really great deal. In just the last few days I have seen the prices go up. True Car sent me an email saying the prices have gone up as well.

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    I think PLP is on the mark. Dealers could pick up 3 yo 500e's as low as $4500, but your $7K price was close to what I saw them selling at, in CA. As you say, it depends where you lived. Trucking one to Oregon was $500 to $1000, but dealers were selling the same car at $11K.

    There is a pair of 2018 500e's (new cars) for sale in Milwaukee OR at $23K... or about $12,600 off retail price. Oh, if you qualify as a lower income family, there's an additional $7500 rebate offered in Oregon, dropping the 500e's price to $15,500... about the cost of a 500 Pop. Caveat: Knowing this dealer, the $23K could already include that rebate, but it might be worth checking out.

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