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Access to Interior from Engine Compartment
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Thread: Access to Interior from Engine Compartment

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    Access to Interior from Engine Compartment

    Hello, all. Newbie here with a 2013 Fiat 500 Sport. Setting this up as a tow car for my RV. I need to run wires to add a bulb and socket set up for my tail lights, turn signals, etc. This will allow them to run from my RV, rather than cutting into the cars wiring. In the examples I have seen, the wiring has been run underneath the car. Easy to do if you have a rack! I dont have one and Im not a small guy, so I want to run them through the interior. Im wondering if anyone has suggestions for access to run wires from the engine compartment to the interior? Any help, much appreciated!

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    I have see 3 possible routes which could work. The easiest would be to route along the belly pan. This style of clip can be attached with screws or glue and the belly of the belly of the 500 would make routing easy. As you say, not easy, but my friend talked the local shop into renting him some "rack time". The RV shop we used back East ran wires under my towed car for a reasonable price.
    1.jpg 1.jpg
    The other routes would be to route it thru the engine compartment. On the firewall (left and right) there are plastic plugs. We popped one of these out on my car to route power wiring for my amp (then cut a hole in the plug and reinserted). We routed it under the upper carpet, and under the door sill kick. From there it is possible to route under the side panels, or at the edge where the panel meets the carpet, to the rear.

    I see there are also wireless tow bars for sale... something we didn't have as a reasonable option. You are correct that you don't want to run wires over the car body like I've seen a few do. I damaged my car's paint (years ago) where the wire rubbed the hood. I once saw a car w/ roof rack being towed. Lights were mounted on its roof rack and the RV had what looked like a whip antenna mounted to the bumper. The wires ran thru the air to the front of the rack.

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    Here's another way you can gain access to the interior, courtesy of the ATM Boost gauge install video. Skip to 2:44 to see how. You route your wires alongside the wiring harness going into the car.

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