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Just couldn't stay away...
500 Madness
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Thread: Just couldn't stay away...

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    Senior Member Sinabu's Avatar
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    Just couldn't stay away...

    Hey everyone!

    Not new to the site or fiats but I'm back lol...

    Had a 2013 500c Abarth that I sold 2 years ago or so when I moved to Colorado and got a truck. Living out in the canyon/mountain area I wanted something AWD/4WD.. Well I just couldn't stay away..

    Just purchased a 2017 500c Abarth with only 10K miles on it. It's going through PDI and hopefully should have it in a week or so. Having it delivered to me since we are kind of in the middle of nowhere. Looking forward to having one again.. Easily one of the funnest cars I've ever owned.

    I'm keeping the truck as my daily/winter driver so this should be a fun fix up and mod car. Just plan on lightly modding it and just enjoying the drive with the top down.

    I'll get some better pics once it arrives!


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    Welcome back!

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    beautiful color on that one!

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    I wanted the Celeste Blue 500c too. Very nice color.
    At the time I wanted a manual and couldn't find a blue with it.

    Now I kinda wish I would have went ahead and bought the Auto.

    2013 500 Sport - Espresso Brown
    2017 500c Abarth Cabrio - Rosso Red
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    MPx Axle Back Exhaust
    Bosch 4C Coils
    NGK Iridium Plugs
    MPx Blow Off Plate
    GFB+ Diverter
    EC Red Intake & Ram Air Pipe.
    500 Madness Red/CF Front Brace
    Speedlab Hood Strut Kit
    Speedlab 25mm Front Sway Bar
    CFP 25mm Rear Torsion Bar
    DIY Chassis Braces
    KYB Rear Shocks
    Many, Many more....

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    Very nice - that's the color I wanted too, and also the 500c, but ended up finding a 2016 500 Abarth with less than 4000mi. Had it less than a month.
    Completely stock 2016 500 Abarth, Rhino & Nero

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    Senior Member Sinabu's Avatar
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    Thanks everyone! I am super excited. Out of all my cars I've had in the past I feel I had the most fun with the Abarth. Back in the day I had an HHR SS as well but it was an automatic. I had been looking around for another one in manual but due to their age and limited run I wasn't having much luck finding a lower mileage one in manual.

    When I saw that blue though I really fell in love with it. I got word that the car is going through PDI now so and then if everything checks out there they can get someone to deliver it...

    I went ahead and ordered the Stage 1 Kit from Madness, Got the front license plate mount and a car cover. We get a lot of snow here and this won't be my primary car since I still have my 4WD Truck so I want to make sure to keep it protected especially since its a cabrio.
    2016 GMC Sierra 1500 - All Terrain X
    2017 Fiat 500c - Abarth

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