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Lowered 2015 Fiat 500 Turbo in Pennsylvania
500 Madness

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Thread: Lowered 2015 Fiat 500 Turbo in Pennsylvania

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    Lowered 2015 Fiat 500 Turbo in Pennsylvania


    Sorry if this sounds like I dumbed it down. You guys know how the Facebook Marketplace are!!!

    This car is one of a kind but needs a little love before it can hit the streets again! I would love to continue but with me purchasing a new house and finding some other hobbies over the year, this vehicle has just not been on my eye any more. Unfortunately. Someone who wants this car just needs to do a little body work and you should be on your way! I love this Fiat and need it to go to a great home and owner who will appreciate this fun ass car!

    You need to understand this vehicle can run and drive but is still in its project stage. The tires in the front are still rubbing at full turn (Little body work needed) and the body still needs to get sealed before the fender flares can be installed (Clinched Flares will be included).

    The 26,000 mile motor of this vehicle has been trouble free so far even with the modifications performed. A list of engine modifications will be listed below and most of the stock components can be provided if wanted.

    The suspension is a one of one BC Racing coilover with a special 20K spring rate system. If you are unfamiliar with that, it means the springs do not compress much at all and the ride of the vehicle is extremely stiff. This is done to ensure the body does not travel enough to hit the wheels or tires when driving but is something that takes some getting used too.

    The wheels are a full rebuild set of 3 piece SSR Veinna Kreis wheels I had personally imported from japan. All lips were rebuilt and the faces have been completely sandblasted and finished with this beautiful pink coating. These are a set of 17x10 all the way around with stretched Nitto tire to get that real “stance” look.

    I have not been able to check the tire pressure and this vehicle has been sitting for a few months at this point. I just performed a routine oil change and swapped out the spark plugs. Because I have not checked the pressure or the bead seal this season, I will not be able to test drive this vehicle and don’t plan on working on it from this point. I can run the vehicle all day and let you look at anything needed.

    TRAILER IS NEEDED FOR PICK-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Below is a list of modifications and everything that is included with this vehicle.

    Motor Modifications
    -Maddness Autoworks ECU Tuner (Bluetooth)
    -Madness Throttle Controller
    -Eurocompulsion Air Intake
    - Catless Downpipe
    -Madness Autworks Turbo Exhaust
    -Forged Blowoff valve
    -Forged Motorsports Front Mount Intercooler

    Suspension Upgrade
    -1/1 BC Racing Coilover specialty valved for 20K springs
    -Rear Madness Camber plates
    -Brand New Sway Bar End Links

    Exterior Mods
    -2.7” Clinched Fender Flares (Included)
    -Blackout Side Markers (Included)
    -17x10 SSR Vienna Krise Wheels (Fully Rebuilt)
    -Custom wheel adapters

    -Original rear seats with install hardware
    -Original suspension components
    -Original downpipe
    -original exhaust
    -Side Skirts
    -Factory paint to match the fender flares


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    Applaud your efforts - but I would do yourself a favor and buy a set of $400 16'' wheels and swap them on there, sell your SSRs privately and at least have a running and driving car....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 126pwannabe View Post
    Applaud your efforts - but I would do yourself a favor and buy a set of $400 16'' wheels and swap them on there, sell your SSRs privately and at least have a running and driving car....
    i second this. it looks pretty bizarre & doesnt drive-not a great selling point

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