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Thread: 2016 500x Pop with 1.4 and automatic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    Not a problem! Now we have a link to see FCA window stickers so it worked out great.
    So why didn’t fiat offer the 1.4 T with a automatic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by neubauerjoseph View Post
    So why didn’t fiat offer the 1.4 T with a automatic?
    Well it would be painful slow. Like slower than the 2.4 with an automatic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neubauerjoseph View Post
    So why didnt fiat offer the 1.4 T with a automatic?
    Frankly, I disagree.
    Especially for the 9 speed 2.4 had. It held torque converter in lockup position for most of the time despite full throttle.
    After having both versions (MT and AT) of Forte5 SX (that is 1.6T) I must say if most of power loss was due to torque converter being in "floating/open" state.
    Anytime it would lock up - you could feel more power pull.

    Add possible tune of 1.4T and 500X filled with 1.4T and 9 speed AT would be a monster. 2.4 would have no chances (at least most of the time).

    I loved AT and FI engine for gear shifts. I hated for TC being unlocked. I loved MT and FI in highway driving. No need to downshift.

    Sure, that is not a great example, but works well. 2016 500X was replaced with 2015 Q5 (2.0T). We drove same round trip - Lansing, MI - Atlanta, GA. In the mountains 500X had to downshift many times to keep up the uphill. Q5 never. Same load, same more or less conditions. And they used about same amount of fuel. Q5 was about 5% more thirsty. I loved 500X rigid transmission. I loved TC being locked up. Hated that something was messed up with it (something between ECU/PCM what caused unfix-able rough shifts - 9 visits, 90 days in service and still same).

    So, I bet 1.4T with ZF AT tranny would be great.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tramonto View Post
    I must not be holding my tongue right. I tried the link above using my VIN in place of the one shown and all I got was SORRY NO WINDOW STICKER AVAILABLE FOR THIS VIN.

    I was hoping to get a copy of the window sticker that had been with my car since I was not the original owner. Any thoughts as how I can get it?
    Sorry. I am not sure why this is not working for you.
    I got all my Fiats from it.
    Are you sure your VIN is correct?
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    A look at the ZF 9-speed auto. It is an interesting transmission. Once we had the update done it worked as well as my mom's Toyota. There's a lot of gears to shift through, but we did get almost 32 mpg on the highway without really trying.
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