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Strut top advice for Bilstein B14
500 Madness
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Thread: Strut top advice for Bilstein B14

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    Strut top advice for Bilstein B14

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    Good day. Bit of a noob when it comes to Abarth 500 suspension. I have a Bilstein B14 kit to go on soon. I am wondering which strut tops will be best to go with it?
    The car is used to get groceries and do HPDC track days on a tight rough track.
    Was thinking of going OEM... But, Napa list a KYB strut top (SM5685) would this work?
    I am not interested in installing adjustable camber/caster plate tops at this point.
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    The kyb is an oem replacment. Should work if your kit needs oem upper mounts.
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    How many miles on the original suspension? If so, I would consider reusing the stock stuff.

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    Do NOT re-use the strut mounts, they deform and the bearing tolerance increases, you will get a clunk if you re-use them especially when adding more compression force (as the bilsteins will do). I currently have the KYBs and they appear to be doing well despite the road quality in Ottawa going further downhill. I have SACHS mounts lined up for when I install my freshly revalved front coilovers.

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