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With the 500s demise, what do you estimate will happen to value, Porsche or Saab...
500 Madness

KONI Shock Value Sale

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Thread: With the 500s demise, what do you estimate will happen to value, Porsche or Saab...

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    With the 500s demise, what do you estimate will happen to value, Porsche or Saab...

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    Since the September bombshell dropped, I’ve been scouring the web, looking for 500 Abarth prices - are they skyrocketing, or being dumped. Do FIAT/Chrysler dealers offer better deals on lightly used 2018’s, or do third-party lots?

    I’m divided on what will happen, a year from now, to the real-world value of a 500 Abarth, a car which costs over €30k over the pond.

    If you have an opinion, chime in - but back it up, i.e. will parts become impossible, will owners-clubs keep them interesting, will the 500x and a future, electric 500 keep hope alive (if that mythical beast doesn’t get 200 miles per charge, it’s a fail)....I’m all ears as I decide whether to buy a second, or start thinking of a Bolt ( �� ). I’ve already got my eyes on a couple, but am hedging that values plummet...

    So, what’s the best guess on future values

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    I dont think anything will happen. Current trends. It's not a special or high demand car. There are numerous cheap low mile examples for sale. The car was retired at end of its lifecycles which happens all the time.

    Not sure why everyone acts like this is crazy.

    I think many many years from now. Lile 20, clean abarth will have some value. Kinda like mk1 or mk2 vw. A clean, well done restored car can easily bring 15k. I think abarth will bring sort of equivalent money in the distant future. Good money. But not exactly valuable. I dont think clean nice abarth will ever be 2000 dollar cars. Sure the trashed ones will be worthless. But I cant see clean, abarth ever being less than 5 or 6k at the absolute lowest, 4,5,6 years from now.
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    The FCA / studios are discounting them now $3-5k. Manufacturers carry vehicle parts, for any discontinued vehicle. For a period of 10 years. Certain color trims, interior upholstery, are not available after a few years. You can have these vehicles serviced anywhere. Electronic software is widely Available at any reputable service center. Theres lots of salvage 500s out there too. The 500 resale value has never been great. 5 year residual trade in value. Is only at 38%. It better to just keep it, and have the pleasure driving it, into the ground.
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    That’s what I’m hoping to do, and also keeping one eye on the final, new year - 2019. I’ve found some good deals on 2018’s, where it looks like they’d like to get rid of them. Of course, now I’m concerned what I’d get for my 2017. 8 guess the only way to know is float an ad and see who nibbles. Of course, having two would be nice, right?
    I’ve also seen a couple of dealers who seem to be adding a grand or two to their 2019’s.
    Good to hear that parts should be plentiful - that’s my main concern after resale value.

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    I think a lot depends if the brand itself remains here. If Fiat stays and maintains a brand presence, I don't think values will suffer, although it's resale was always bad. The Abarths could be sought after, though. I own two 500s and trade in time is a long way off in the future, so we'll just have to wait it out.
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