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Fiat 500X Sport Coming to North America! - Page 4
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Thread: Fiat 500X Sport Coming to North America!

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    I wouldn’t mine seeing a EV version of the 500X. Along the side of the ICE versions. Kia, Hyundai, Mini etc, are providing those vehicles. Since the 500e is now history here. Even a plug in hybrid 500X, utilizing the 3 cylinder Fire fly engine. FCA, is so behind, compared to other car manufacturers. All that’s left, is the Chrysler hybrid Pacifica.

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    Good idea... and why not? FCA may do EVs of many/most as an option in the next 4 years.

    FCA seems to be going that way with dev on new plug-in hybrids. Fiat killed ENVI a decade ago, just before Dodge released the Dodge EV.

    Now there may be a Wrangler and/or Grand Cherokee plug-in, possibly using Pacifica parts. There are photos, supposedly test driving the Wrangler hybrid. Several models could get a mild-electric upgrade... even rumors for a Challenger EV or hybrid. (Finally making it faster than the Tesla.)

    Jeep displayed plugin models of Compass and Renegade models @ Geneva and may be here in mid-2020. Those are different from any hybrid... gas powering front wheels and electric in the rear. That has some very interesting possibilities. They only go a bit over 30 miles on EV, but that's good enough for city... engine fires up for longer trips... no worries of turtle mode-ing your car home.

    With that going on, the 500X could be an interesting prospect for electric.

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