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Abarth suspension geometry specs
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Thread: Abarth suspension geometry specs

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    Abarth suspension geometry specs

    Well this is my first post... So here's what I'm up to- love it or hate it... I am using the complete front sub-assembly from an Abarth as the mid-engine drive and suspension for a 1954 VW bug split window sedan. I am building my own chassis and to do it right, I need basic suspension specs for the Abarth- roll centres, spring rates, axis inclination, caster camber, etc. I have had zero success in finding anything. Anybody out there with info??

    Food for thought: What if Carl Abarth had stayed home in Austria and not moved to Italy and became Italian? He did marry Porsche's secretary... Would he have breathed his magic on VW's??

    Like I said- love it or hate it!



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    Here are the alignment specs at least:
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