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KONIs on stock Abarth springs
500 Madness
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Thread: KONIs on stock Abarth springs

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    KONIs on stock Abarth springs

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    Say, anybody running yellow Konis on stock springs? I'll be due soon for a new set of strut/shocks. The OEMs are building up mileage.

    I'm curious about "valving". Anyone with ideas or experience about this? Are the Konis good to go out of the box?

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    Valving is something people do to get more performance or dofferemt performance put of their shocks. Typically, when you buy struts, your not gonna get a matched set and they can actually vary quite a bit. I'm not really familiar withrevalvong Konis. I usually have used biksteins in the past. All I know is prices for service can vary widely, and koni are generally twice as expensive to service amd revolve as bilstien.

    I'm a big fan of shocks amd struts with appropriate springs over coilovers for most cars. Inonly see an advantage in coilovers to people who have the knowledge amd track time to actually tune them. Most people just end up with a stiffer car and less grip amd a huge placebo effect.
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    I've used Konis for a long time as I like the adjustability. They are generally designed for stock springs so will work great with what you have, with the advantage of being able to adjust them to suit your preferences, compensate for wear or adapt to different springs. I'm not a big fan of aggressively lowered cars because of what Saponetta mentioned, but the Konis can give you some adjustability to fine tune ride and handling.

    Depending on the car, there may be different models of Konis available, so check their site out and their FAQ. Some of their shocks, like the FSD series, are optimised to work with stock height springs, so make sure you check out the FAQ. A hint is to check multiple Koni country specific websites because some have more info than others.

    Generally speaking, you use Konis straight out of the box (you should check to make sure that both shocks are at the same level of adjustment), especially on stock springs as that's what the Koni engineers calibrated the shocks to. Drive on them and see how you like them. If you need more rebound adjustment (that's the usual adjustment provided) turn them up a notch at a time to see how you like it. Remember, the suspension needs to follow the road, so stiff in the real world might feel good up to a certain point, but typically results in less adhesion and poorer handling when said and done.
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