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Thread: 24 Hours of Lemons related stuff

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    24 Hours of Lemons related stuff

    Just this week, on Jay Leno's Garage (on CNBC cable or their app), part of the show had Jay joining a Lemons team for a race out in California. Overall Jay is a totally awesome car guy, but they seemed to have more than a few cars hitting each other in their wet race, so I'm going to be a little snobby here and say that even in Lemons you should not be hitting other cars, and at least in the one that I drove and others I have watched, contact is very rare.

    Having said that, my son and his buddies are racing a Miata in a Lemons race this weekend in South Carolina, and I'm following along on the Race Monitor app for live timing, and a few messages and photos from my son. After day 1, they are in 10th overall out of 90 or so cars, so they're doing very well. As you might imagine, a Miata uses a lot less gas, brake pads, tires, and etc. than their previous car a 70s Dodge Coronet that kept blowing motors! There's a bit of a day 1 recap on my blog (linked below), so here's a few photos.

    They went with a goofy PopCopy theme for this team, complete with aprons and name tags like the skit on the old Chappelle Show. Lemons is all about having fun, that's for sure!
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    Awesome! Car looks great and a great result.

    Lemons has become serious racing with a lot of very talented teams. Running 10th is an accomplishment! Hope they pull off the entire race and have a good finish. I've wanted to get involved for years. But haven't even done research on gettingnonvolved. Dont know where I'd find the time. But I have a full shop, and our recycling business, I get cars with great lemon potential all the time for nothing. Maybe one day......
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