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2018 Headlights With Wipers question
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Thread: 2018 Headlights With Wipers question

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    2018 Headlights With Wipers question

    Hi. Have a new 2018 X Lounge with less than 1000 miles on it. Fully loaded including the safety tech package. Noticed that when my Rain Sensing Wipers activate, the headlights do not come on automatically, thought the headlights are on auto and the wipers are on one of the “A” settings. My printed manual does not mention this as a feature, but it is only 200 pages long. The electronic version shows a Uconnect setting under the lights menu on page 402 for this feature to be on or off. Question: Does your X have the setting in your Uconnect menu? Or, was it inadvertently dropped with a UConnect update? My Uconnect Lights Setting Menu shows no such option.
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