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Road use taxes: fuel? mileage? or other solutions...
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Thread: Road use taxes: fuel? mileage? or other solutions...

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    Post Road use taxes: fuel? mileage? or other solutions...

    Hi folks.
    The beginning of this story is confusing, but I will get to the point.

    I live in MI. It also happens that I work to the state government. As some may heard, the state government is preparing for a shutdown. Basically due to budget discussion not producing results... but the truth is the new governor (Gretchen Whitmer) came up with an idea of fixing very bad Michigan roads by adding a quite steep fuel tax (45 cents per gallon). At the time of election she did not share this plan, so no one was expecting such events.
    Anyway, here we are.

    That made me thinking. We (500e forum members) are from almost all parts of the world, most of us reside on the N. American soil. Hence, most of us face similar problems - how the roads are being taken care of and what we (as EV owners and road users) think of it.

    I personally dislike the tax in fuel. It is not fair on a few levels, but I think the easiest to implement. Yet, it leaves gap for EV and PHEV - how they will contribute.
    MI "solved" it by adding a 100 USD annual registration surcharge for any battery driven vehicle.
    Sounds fair? Not really to my standards.

    So, paying by mile would work? Take the road tax away (keep the "environmental" or whatever that is tax) from petrol. Why my lawn mower should pay for the roads? A note - my lawn mower is battery operated as well.
    Implementation - nation wide. Make it a federal law.
    Also, due to discrepancies and overall very bad shape of MI cars - annual mandatory mechanical inspection of all road legal vehicles. Same federal law.
    The inspection would report mileage to the DMV where they would calculate how much you owe for roads.
    Of course - some kind of table differentiating heavy load trucks, or small 500s, or bikes, and such. Bikes one rate, passenger cars (by weight? up to 4000 lb one rate, above another?), trucks, semis, and so on.

    So, what do you think?

    How do you feel? What we, as BEV owners, should do to contribute to the roads that we use?

    Maybe I will come up with a poll... or suggest other solutions and we can create one then.
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    Hi There!

    Not an EV owner (yet), but familiar with horrible salt belt infrastructure. I agree that both mileage and Gross vehicle weight should be the primary factors under scrutiny. I would be very interested to see research about road wear in regards to vehicle weight as my gut tells me that it isn't a linear relationship. If privately operated freight vehicles are tearing up the roads, stop finding new ways to make the citizens pay for the repairs.

    Another important factor here is what research is being put into developing roads that can survive MI seasonal changes. I would rather pay for a road the costs twice as much but lasts 3x as long than constantly have my daily commute screwed up by construction traffic and my tax dollars pissed away replacing a road that was brand new less than 4 years ago. I'm sure there is research being done in this space, but it seems woefully behind the times.

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