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Help regarding safety on Front Vs Rear seat in 500e for 11 yo
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Thread: Help regarding safety on Front Vs Rear seat in 500e for 11 yo

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    Help regarding safety on Front Vs Rear seat in 500e for 11 yo

    I've been doing research on this and feel like I'm going in circles right now.

    I have a 2015 Fiat 500e, the family adores it and will opt to use that over the Subaru at any opportunity. The kiddo has just changed school with no bussing, so we are now driving 20-25 mins over 10 miles to school and back. We have followed the CDC guidelines that children must sit in the rear until the age of 13 and until recently it made total sense to us. Now, after doing more research and looking at the difference between the front and rear seat of this particular car (particularly the low backseat/no neck support), I'm left wondering if the front might be a safer place for our child. For the curious, as I know this comes up plenty, the kiddo is just shy of 5ft and about 85lbs (maybe more).

    Can anyone point me to some more information regarding the different between the front and rear for safety? Maybe crash stats or something? I feel like my google-foo is off and I'm getting plenty of conflicting answers (I know! I know! it's the internet, that's how it goes).

    Related, if we were to do this, the internet seems pretty consistent about turning off the airbag, but cannot find out to do it in this model. Videos show me buttons we don't have, or menu items that don't exist in our model, can I even turn off the airbag in the 2015 500e?


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    The dealer can turn off the warning alarm, but the light remains on and, I believe, the air bag will still deploy. I am not following your comment "no neck support". There should be adjustable headrests in your car and, in case of side impact, an airbag deploys across the side window.

    This is a good review of a study on injuries. He is reaching a height where it is safer to ride up front... just keep the seat pushed back for added safety.

    Look at the NHTSA videos on crash dummies in a 45 MPH crash and you'll see rear seat "adults" are severely whipped about.

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    Thank you for this information. You don't understand the "no neck support" comment because I was being an idiot. Yes, there are headrests, not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that.

    Thanks for the webmd link, this is helpful. I will look up the crash videos. But it seems that we have a few more inches and then the kid will likely be safer in the front to be safe, but I think we'll all be glad we have a little more back seat time and time for me to review the evidence some more.

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    I think with any modern vehicle. The issue with a young child in the front seat of the car. Can be hurt from a airbag. I would move the passage seat all the way back, if you have concerns, about the child’s safety. It worried me putting a car seat, in the rear of the 500. Not much of a crash zone back there. We always use the larger vehicles, when the kids go for a ride.

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