Hello there everyone,

I did not see anyone post cars for trade. So I wanted to start a new one. I realize its weird to ask what I am about to ask.

I am the original owner of a 2013 manual black with red Abarth. I bought it new from Fiat San Francisco end of the 2013 year. It has two tone seats, the factory Beats not Bose speakers. It currently has 22,200 miles mostly freeway miles. The only aftermarket thing I added was tinted the windows 15%. A set of 4 new tires were installed March this year. Yearly maintenance was done at Fiat of Burlingame because the San Francisco dealership closed in 2014/2015...
This is a very unusual scenario to ask but I cant think of another option. Is there anyone that would trade with me their Automatic Fiat for my Manual Abarth? No money exchange involved just trade cars and title? Has this ever been done before? I am open to trade with 500L/ 500X and another Abarth as long as it is an automatic. This is so my wife can drive it when she needs to. She used to drive manual once upon a time ago, I even tried to teach her again but she refuses to learn. My Fiat is paid off and I have title in hand. Theres never been an accident and it drives great! I have seen the trade in values and private sale car values and I dont want to go through the hassles. Im hoping theres someone out there that is wishing they got the manual instead and is like... geez, I wish theres someone that wants to get rid of their manual and trade with me my auto? That would be cool and hassle free! Lol.
This is my first posting to classified so I hope I havent broken any rules. Thank you anyone that has read my long explanation. Photos are below. Im not sure if Im supposed to leave my email or my personal cell #, if someone could tell me I really appreciate it. Bye for now.