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Thread: 1977 Spider that bucks like a horse

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    1977 Spider that bucks like a horse

    I have a 1977 Spider 1800 that will suddenly begin to buck when driving down the road. It doesn't seem to matter what gear but RPM is around 3000. I have to push in the clutch and let the engine idle and then carefully limp the car home keeping the RPM down. Any suggestions? The car starts fine and is tuned by ear. It idles at 850 RPM quite smoothly. I haven't verified this but believe the timing is at about 15 degrees advanced on plug # 1. The distributor has a Pertronix Ignitor installed in place of the points.

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    Almost sounds like a failing ignition coil or cracked distributor cap. I can't recall whether the 77 still had ignition points or had switched over to electronic by then.
    If you have the car in neutral and rev it to 3,000 RPM just sitting in the driveway, does it start mis-firing? If purely an RPM problem, it's more than likely ignition related.

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