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How to replace a 5ooE charger receptacle door?
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Thread: How to replace a 5ooE charger receptacle door?

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    How to replace a 5ooE charger receptacle door?

    I own a 2017 Fiat 500E. My husband unplugged the charging cable, and forgot to close the door, so he walked into it and the door cracked. He glued it together, so its functional but we want to replace it as economically as possible. I have purchased a replacement door from a salvage yard. I also purchased a new AB Gasket for the interior of the door. I have been unable to find any instructions on how to replace the 500E door. I found one instruction on how to replace a 500 door, but there are clearly differences as one is a fuel vehicle and one is electric. The instructions I found said to raise vehicle, remove tire, remove tire liner, but then because it was for a fuel vehicle that is where the instructions don't apply to my car. We are hesitant to start the process and not be able to complete it. Also, wondering if the black part (pictured below that my finger is pointing to) is removable, as it looks like the door pin would be easily accessed if we could remove it. I cannot tell how it is attached.IMG_8996.jpg Would appreciate any assistance. Thank you in advance.
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