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Thread: Whats on Tap for Fiat for 2020 MY?

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    Whats on Tap for Fiat for 2020 MY?

    So what is on tap for fiat next year ? I hear about many other brand releasing their plan for 2020. That got me thinking what is fiat going to do ?

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    It seems the press is still guessing about next year's Fiat, and rumors come in weekly.

    They announced a change for the 500e, but probably nothing like the concept car. I'm guessing it'll look the same, the price will drop and range will increase. If profitable, maybe you won't have to drive to the left coast to buy one. 2 battery sizes are rumored, so let's hope the larger pack is an option for later upgrade. Some sources rumor a couple extra styling choices.

    This article has a rumor the Abarth might get a small bump in power. 500's might get the "mild hybrid", at least as an option, so possibly that could be the extra power? Dodge used similar tech on their PU's. It's (roughly speaking) a small 12V belt drive motor to boost power on acceleration. I wonder if that will have the "off on idle" option. For now, rumors say that option will be for the big body 500 models only.

    Then there's the Fiat 500 Giardiniera, a station wagon version of the 500, if they keep true to the original.

    Of course, these were announced to a EU audience. Who knows which, if any, will make it into the US? There are still rumors Fiat will stop selling under their name here. I discount the rumors that Dodge will disappear from NA. Those are the rumors I've been reading.

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