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My Abarth is running richer without any mods.
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Thread: My Abarth is running richer without any mods.

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    My Abarth is running richer without any mods.

    Hi all,

    Recently, my Abarth(2013) is running with significantly increased level of Hydrocarbon. (No check engine lights yet)

    Hence I bought ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth + wifi scanner to see if any emission related parts are spitting off numbers. However, though I see realtime numbers but I absolutely have no idea what the default values are. (Are there any documentations regarding ELM327 OBDII for Fiat 500 Abarth? I am so noob.)

    How am I supposed to check the parts that are throwing off numbers and be confident to order the new parts and replace them?

    Please help.

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    I own a 2012 Abarth. About 4 years ago the car began having over-rich moments during acceleration. I didn't have an OBD scanner at the time, instead I had the old-school version which was a friend driving behind me as we climbed a twisty mountain road. After the run up the mountain my friend started asking me if I happened to notice/experience some loss of power at times during the run. It was strange, but he was exactly correct. He told me that he could smell it.

    I guessed that there was a leak developing somewhere in my car's turbo plumbing. This gave me the excuse I needed to remove all of the OEM split-intercooler nonsense (and the crazy-long runs of plumbing that goes with it) and replace it with a Front Mounted Intercooler System (which had the added benefit of a much shorter run of plumbing).

    Changing to a FMIC setup cured my occasional power-loss-over-rich situation.
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    How exactly do you know it's running "richer"

    It may very well be. But if so, it's in response to something, not a random occurence and probably not from a failing component. When reviewing your data stream look at tps, knock, timing, see what they are doing.
    2013 abarth
    Spec 2+ clutch
    Working on new divided turbo setup
    Homebrew fmic w/ corsa forza hoses
    Stock Downpipe with cat and 2.25discharge
    Homemade cowl intake
    ECB yellows/stop tech fluid
    Braces and strut mounts
    Corsa forza vento
    E30 blend

    2013 abarth tork tuned
    cowl intake, custom fmic and bypass valve, vogtlands, rear vette bilstiens, long 3 inch downpipe to stock rear section.

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