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Couple sharp pics of abarth on track - Page 3
500 Madness
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Thread: Couple sharp pics of abarth on track

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    Yea the high end abarths Europe get in limited production would be lile 50k cars here. I dont think many would go for it. But then again, mini sells out the works mini. New one will probably be mid 40s or higher all decked out. I would have paid for that bad ass sabelt or other seats probably if I was buying a new abarth and it was an option. But then again, I'm not sure if i would buy a new abarth at all. Ass a package it is an unbelievably fun car. But on paper AMD even based off interior, it's basically worst in class in every regard. Basically it becomes greater than the sum of its parts. I probably wouldnt own one if I hadn't caught mine for sale for $9500 bucks with 3700 miles on it. I always kind kiled them, but I bought and had mine shipped to st. Louis without having ever been in or test drove one. At 10k, a low mile abarth is a steal. At 24k or more, I'm not quite a sure. At that point, a lightly used miata or 124 probably makes.more sense. It's a lot more substance. Handling is so much greater. They are finesse cars. The abarth will point on a track, but you have to manhandle it. It's a real workout for such a light, low power car.
    2013 abarth
    Spec 2+ clutch
    Working on new divided turbo setup
    Homebrew fmic w/ corsa forza hoses
    Stock Downpipe with cat and 2.25discharge
    Homemade cowl intake
    ECB yellows/stop tech fluid
    Braces and strut mounts
    Corsa forza vento
    E30 blend

    2013 abarth tork tuned
    cowl intake, custom fmic and bypass valve, vogtlands, rear vette bilstiens, long 3 inch downpipe to stock rear section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ando View Post
    Huh, couple of take-aways from that tour.

    1.) FIAT used a Hot air intake similar to the much-maligned madness intake. (Looks like they insulated the turbo a bit, but still...) and they opted to leave the stock airbox lying uselessly on top of the engine. Hmmm... I'm not saying it looks bad, but knowing what we know about these cars it's hard to believe any engineers were consulted on that engine bay.

    2.) This is the first time I have noticed the faux-CF textile on the Sabelt seats. Not a huge fan of CF imitation stuff unless it's convincing (like a high quality wrap). I prefer that textiles carry their own texture instead of lying about what they are. This is especially tragic on a seat with a MASSIVE panel of high quality CF. The comparison of real to fake is tragic in my flawed opinion.

    3.) I really like that raised trunk version of the Beats subwoofer. Even better if you can easily lift the false floor and store things in the space around the sub. Though, piling stuff on top of the sub would undoubtedly screw with sound quality. Still, cool idea.
    I was also little surprised about the seat upholstery, but I see what they were going for. They matched the door panels to the seat side bolsters. In person., the seats are outrageous whatever they are upholstered in.

    Here's a detail shot for those wondering what we are talking about:

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    Huh... that detail shot actually makes it look more like an actual woven material... If that were true I'd need to take back all the bad stuff I said as it's not pretending to be anything, it'd just be a woven material with a similar aesthetic to carbon fiber weave. Too bad I'll never see any IRL to confirm or deny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redhawk92 View Post
    But every piece of carbon adds at least 5hp!
    And they handle better too. Especially when you add the door handle guards

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