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Missing color code sticker - which red?
500 Madness
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Thread: Missing color code sticker - which red?

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    Missing color code sticker - which red?

    I'm about to purchase some touch up paint for my '14 turbo (US / North America if that makes a difference) but the color code sticker is missing. Just a patch of old adhesive where it once lived under the hood. I think that when I purchased the car one year ago, I checked the color code and it was Rosso Red but at my age, my memory isn't very good and I'm not certain that was the code. Searching online results is several different shades of red for 2014 Fiats. Was there one red used on the turbo and if so, which one / code? If more than one red, is there a VIN decoding that will identify the color?

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    if you call the dealer with last 8 of your vin they will give you the code

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    Yes or if you don't want to contact the dealer, sign up with Mopar.com. Sign in and click "Vehicle Equipment" to see your car's color... and everything from the original invoice.

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