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500 Madness
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Thread: Advertising!

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    To those in the hallowed halls of FCA:

    I have been a owner / driver of FIATs since 1958, having amassed more than a million miles on them in North America, Europe, and Asia Minor. I knew the brilliant Ing. Dante Giacosa, my automotive engineering "hero." Ideas I submitted to FIAT S.p.A. (Torino) back in the 1960s for a "freshening" of the styling of the "850" found their way into production in Spain as the SEAT "133." Yes, I am a automobilista FIAT dedicato.

    I am currently well into FIAT number seventeen to the tune of nearly 50K miles and am pleased as can be with it, as I have been with all its predecessors. I've found FIATs to be fun, reliable, fun, comfortable, fun, brilliantly conceived and, oh, did I mention "FUN?"

    My major frustration has to do with your advertising- or, more precisely, lack thereof- of the product. Tiny little pictures / links on the 'net just do NOT cut it. And you wonder why rumors are that we here in the States are about to once again experience the dreaded "FIAT withdrawal syndrome?" I am more than frustrated, I'm infuriated that you all are letting this storied marque whither on the vine.

    NEWS FLASH! If the smallest (by the way, my favorites) of the 500s aren't moving because of low fuel prices and blatantly erroneous bad press, then push the "L" and "X" but, for Pete's sake, PUSH SOMETHING!

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    Well said. Thanks for being a longtime Fiat enthusiast and being part of our community here.
    Enjoy the Forum, or has it helped? Please Whitelist us on your Ad Blocker. Thx!


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